COVID UPDATE: November 2022

To protect our patients and staff we request that you continue to wear a face covering when you attend our clinics for face to face appointments 

If you have been directed to our website from our telephone booking service, please see the updates below:

Routine contraception: These appointments continue to be delivered though a phone consultation with medication collection from either our wandsworth or wimbledon base. Please call our booking line on 0333 300 2100 . If we have no appointments available you may be able to access contraception online or through your GP service. Some pharmacies can provide progesterone-only pills: 

I need a coil fitted/removed/replaced: These appointments remain in very high demand and there is currently a 6-8 week wait for a fitting appointment. Please contact our booking line who will send you a self triage form to assess suitability and a link for online booking where appropriate . If you think your coil needs replacing please use condoms or call us for alternative contraception if you do not want to become pregnant

I just need my  coil removed – please call our booking line on 0333 300 2100

I need an implant fitted /removed/replaced - We are pleased we can now offer appointments for implant fitting and removal please call our booking line on 0333 300 2100

I have a change in vaginal discharge and do not have any pain or bleeding: you can access the same sexual health screening tests via SHL. You will receive your results just as quickly as from a clinic visit

I have warts - Warts are benign warts that can resolve without treatment. If you are concerned we are now offering appointments for treatment so please call our booking line on 0333 300 2100

I want a sexual health screen but have no symptoms – We are unable to offer this service, please access SHL for postal kits or onsite collection kits:

If you want to raise a concern, pass on a compliment, or tell us something about your experience with our health services, you can contact our customer service team (also known as PALS).  All feedback given will be kept confidential.

Telephone: 0800 368 0412

If you can access online testing for sexually transmitted infections via the following link:

If you require an appointment for an implant or coil (IUS/IUD) please call  0333 300 2100 to book  . Appointments for both are in high demand and there is a 6-8 week wait for appointments.

If you require an IUD/IUS you will be registered by our booking team and then sent a text with a link to  a self triage form with a few smple clinical questions to complete. You will then be able to book an appointment on line or be referred back to the booking line for a phone consultation with a nurse depending on your individual answers

If you are running out of supplies of the contraceptive pill or need emergency contraception please call and book a telephone consultation 0333 300 2100


To self-refer to the abortion service, please phone 0345 872 5503.

If you have experienced a sexual assault please call us on 0333 300 2100.

You may also be able to speak to your local sexual assault centre - please visit

or call The Haven on 020 3299 6900.

We are continuing to supply PrEP for those who are seen in our clinic

If you are not currently on PrEP and wish to start please call 0333 300 2100 to book a telephone consultation

You may wish to purchase PrEP online - visit

If you think you may need HIV post-exposure prophylaxis, then you can call us on 0333 300 2100 or attend your nearest A&E out of hours.

The Monday evening clinic walk-in clinic is currently closed. Please ring 0333 300 2100 to book a telephone consultation if you need care.

This service is currently being provided through remote video conference facilities.

If you are currently on a waiting list for these services, please be assured that you will be contacted to start therapy.

If you are 18 or under and need care or contraception you can still attend the following young people's clinic without a telephone consultation.

Monday – Patrick Doody clinic 3-5 pm (Wimbledon)
Monday - Off The Record 3-5 pm (Twickenham)

Wednesday - 160 Falcon Road 3-5 pm (Clapham Junction)

If you are experiencing Domestic Abuse and would like help, please get in touch with the 24 hr helpline on 0808 2000 247 or visit

These services are currently suspended.

Please check back regularly for updates.

If you are currently on a waiting list for these services, please be assured you will not lose your place. We will contact you when services resume.